I know how to work with others to get things done

I have a proven track record of working with others and getting things done. As Ward 5 City Councilor, I voted to switch out the street lights, saving us $250,000 per year in taxes. As part of the fire committee along with Councilor Morris, Chief Esler, and his team, I helped bring ambulance service to the fire department. With the new Delta deal approaching, this will generate between $500,000 to $750,000 in revenues per year.  

The most important thing that I learned during my time representing Ward 5 on the City Council was the importance of listening. When I became a City Councilor, I expected to be a budget hawk. I believed it would be easy to trim unnecessary expenditures from the budget. But I was proven wrong. I found that the budget had already been trimmed as much as possible, and that our departments were operating fiscally responsibly already.

However, I knew my constituents were struggling to meet a MIL rate that rose year after year. I learned to work with the Mayor and City Councilors to address Waterville’s challenges in ways that I hadn’t initially thought of. I learned the importance of listening. I found that when I took the time to listen to other Councilors, and heard their points of view, I found that consensus was possible. During my time on Council, I realized that politics was not as contentious as I had once thought it had to be.

Jay is engaged in the community

I know how it feels to worry about the next month’s rent, or my dad’s temper, or not feeling safe. That’s why I will do everything I can to play a part in helping people overcome adversity in their lives. My bakery donates to local Waterville food banks and the teen center whenever they need anything, we enjoy helping. I have been working with other community members to build the stage at Green Street Park in the South End. This stage will be used to put on outdoor plays.

My adult life has been about service. I try to be a solution provider and love to works with people from all walks of life. We need to listen to one another, remember everyone’s humanity, and come up with the best path forward for everyone.