I want to again thank the community for their continued support of my campaign; while I know Waterville has tough decisions to make these next few years, particularly as we deal with the continued pandemic, I am honored that so many of the leaders in our community who will be shaping our future are proud to work with me.
  • Waterville Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 1608 
  • Representative Colleen Madigan 
  • Maine State Treasurer Henry Beck
  • Councilor Claude Francke
  • Councilor Mike Morris 
  • Councilor Flavia Olivera
  • Councilor Sydney Mayhew
  • State Senate Candidate Hilary Koch
  • Ward 4 City Council Candidate Rebecca Green
  • Former Councilor Margaret Smith
  • Former Councilor Jackie Dupont
  • Former Councilor Winifred Tate
  • School Board Member Spencer Krigbaum
  • School Board Member Patricia Helm
  • School Board Member Pam Trinward
  • Charter Commission Co-Chair James LaLiberty
  • Charter Commission Member Lutie Brown
  • Planning Board Member Samantha Burdick
  • Waterville Residents Tom Ferris & Cassie Julia 
  • Waterville Resident Joan Phillips-Sandy
I would also like to extend a special thank you to the team of volunteers who have been working behind the scenes to help me with my campaign.
Please add your name to this list by filling out and returning your absentee ballot, heading to City Hall to vote early, or vote on November 3rd! Together we will move Waterville forward.
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