I know that systematic racism exists not only in American, but within out community. I wish that things were different, but past and current laws in Maine and nationally have disproportionately discriminated on our citizens based off of race, ethnicity, and gender, causing problems for minorities in health care, economically, and socially.

According to Maine Equal Justice, while 15% of Maine children live in poverty, in the over 53% of Black children live in poverty (1). There is also no doubt that police brutality affects Black people disproportionately. As a community we need to affirm to our neighbors that their lives matter. As a white man, I have not experienced what Black people experience every day, but I am listening and learning.

I want Waterville to be a community where everyone is treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. When I am Mayor, everyone will know that “You All Are Welcome Here.”  

(1) https://maineequaljustice.org/policy/racial-equity/