Growing up my neighborhood was often overlooked. With parks that weren’t always safe, equipment that was uncared for, rusted out fences, and swings, I want better for our children. These are the parts of town that need us the most.

I support the downtown revitalization, but I also support revitalizing the overlooked parts of town, like the Green Street Park, or the neglected roads that swallow your tire in the spring. As your next Mayor I support city-wide revitalization.

My Revitalization Priorities Include:

  1. Public safety, which includes public health, police reform, and expanded emergency services. 
  2. Strong public schools because we entrust the schools with so much of our children’s success.
  3. Treatment and prevention for substance abuse and domestic violence so we can save lives and families. 
  4. Community spaces, like sidewalks, bike paths, and parks, so that we can enjoy our beautiful town.
  5. Well-maintained roads so we can get where we need to go.