Colby College, PILOT

Colby College, PILOT

I think it’s time to start having a discussion. I commend Bowdoin on having the foresight to be a partner with their host community.

Let’s be honest, Colby college is a great partner. They have spent a good deal of money in the downtown, encouraging growth by leading the way. But a true partnership means giving and taking, it’s great they Are building and they do pay taxes on those buildings.

This is not a Colby issue, we host many non profits. Colby is always the biggest target. We know what they want, it’s not like we haven’t heard the message before, If you build it they will come. they want great faculty and more students. These non profits need us, they should help contribute in a meaningful way.

I don’t know what that is, but like me im sure many of you understand actual dollars and cents, let’s take a page from Bowdoin, let’s have an honest discussion that’s civil in nature.

This is our city! Yours, mine the childrens and the great institutions that have been built within our borders, we the residents and business owners have had to endure the burden of higher taxes.

I am asking any non profit who would like to come to the table to discuss how we can collectively make those dreams come true.

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