I never planned to be a politician. As a parent, business leader and volunteer I saw the direction our city was headed. Between the divisiveness and growing tax burden, constant back and forth between elected officials posturing for the next election.

I decided it was time to run and make a positive impact on our community!

I am supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike, I cross the party divide to get things done for the residents of this great city. I do so by focusing on the issues and not the rhetoric. I advocate for the residents using common sense and logic, something that has been sorely missed in recent years.

Since I was elected just one year ago, I have been hard at work. as a councilor for Ward 5 and the City of Waterville. I attend school board meetings regularly to stay informed. I helped negotiate a contract with the Police Union that was favorable to the Waterville taxpayers, all while managing to take care of our Men & Women in Blue and giving them the resources they need to protect and serve our community.

Waterville is now a food sovereign municipality! I led the charge to give residents more freedom to decide what we put on the table, you get to choose what to feed your children and from where it comes.

As a council we voted to convert the street lights to LED lights, Saving taxpayers an estimated $250,000 dollars a year in electrical costs.

Ward 5 is where people want to live, have you noticed your property values going up? We have new solar projects being developed at the old landfill. More development in agriculture off Airport rd. As a community we can continue to work so that all residents have a seat at the table.

Join me this November, Vote J Coelho Ward 5 city council, let’s keep moving forward together.