Real work. Real progress.

Jay is not a politician. He just wants to be your neighbor who also happens to be your Mayor.

Jay’s mission is to create a better environment than the one he grew up in, and this extends to his vision as Waterville Mayor. As the son of Portuguese immigrants, he grew up poor and he knows what it feels like to be treated like an outsider. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother kicked his father out of the house when she was still pregnant with Jay. Jay’s family moved around a lot, so Jay knows what it’s like to grow up in an unstable situation.

Jay also knows that it’s possible to improve our situations if we work hard. In 2010, Jay moved to Waterville and started two businesses. With hard work, a little bit of luck, and the support of the Waterville community, his businesses are succeeding. Jay wants to be your mayor because he wants to give back to the Waterville community that has enabled him to pay the bills and raise his family in a stable, loving home.

It takes real work to make real progress. Jay is ready to get down to the real work for Waterville.

Real Work. Real Progress

Jay’s work on the Waterville City Council showed that he is willing to reach across the table to compromise and find real solutions to problems that impact the Citizens of Waterville. Read more about Jay’s Priorities as Waterville’s next mayor.

Improving the Quality of Life

Jay believes that one way to focus on improving the quality of life in Waterville now and in the future is by investing in infrastructure upgrades that could save the city money in the long run. Read more about Jay’s infrastructure priorities as Waterville’s Next Mayor.

Committed to the Community

Jay’s adult life has been about service. Jay is a solution provider and he works well with people from all walks of life. Read more about Jay’s work in the community.

Jay’s statement on social justice

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